What we are like?

At the beginning there is blood, sweat and tears… At the end – euphoria and satisfaction! These famous words reflect our approach to work and not only ;) When we work on a project, we can sometimes lose ourselves, sit in the office for too long, discuss ideas late. After the project is completed, we are happy with a job well done and customer satisfaction. However, we try to maintain a healthy division between work and time after work. This is helped by physical activity and participation in competitions, where we can literally get tired. This helps us to ventilate our heads and return to tasks with enthusiasm.

We are cool

We can lose ourselves in our work, but at the same time we value time for our loved ones at home. The flexibility of working at LSB allows us to reconcile these seemingly contradictory activities..

As we have good buddies at work, it happens that we spend the evening or the entire weekend together. We don't talk then about triggers, joins or processors.

We try, anyway.
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Milestones in our history

We did various things, but always in the IT area. We feel IT.

Our history is the success story of our clients, whom we have helped to accelerate something, earn some money or rise their prestige. During these over 20 years, we had a lot of fun and satisfaction.

But we rather look forward than dwell on the past.

Come back here later – we’ll try to show some rarities here.
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