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Start of implementation




We were given the task by Bickhardt-Bau Polska to prepare a new business card for the company, which will prove the company's progress and modernity. 

We focused on the unconventional and original design of both the menu and the entire site. The main idea, and at the same time the goal, was to make the application look great on very large screens while maintaining its proper operation on smartphones and tablets. Initially, we encountered small fears and slight uncertainty on the part of the company's management board regarding such an innovative approach regarding the design of the new site. After presenting the advantages of our idea, we were able to convince the customer to it and thanks to this decision we obtained a fresh and unusual effect. Positive reactions after making the site public confirmed our belief that the choice of such a solution was right.

After opening the main page, the user receives a clear message about the business profile in the form of a short presentation film about the most important, representative projects of the company and its executive equipment. On the left, we have a menu bar that does not dominate in space, which, after clicking and opening covering the entire surface of the page, can lead us to the next sections.

Particularly worth mentioning is the Projects tab, which strengthens and develops our idea for a wide page grid by presenting in the form of attractive tiles with beautifully looking photos and companies the most interesting projects of the company. Clicking on a specific tile takes us to the details of a particular construction.


An important factor in the construction of the new site was the desire to attract new employees. The Work section serves this purpose by letting you know about the current staffing needs of the company in an ingenious and at the same time light aesthetics. Potential employees can quickly and clearly use the contact form to show their willingness to work, and the person responsible for recruitment will immediately receive all personal data required to hire a new person.

All sections are marked with wide and large headers in the form of photos with information about the name of the subpage and short explanatory information underneath. The site is administered via an accessible administration panel that easily allows managing the site designed in three languages.

This is undoubtedly an example of a modern, innovative business card that informs about the directions of business activity in an accessible and unobtrusive way.


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