Configuration and purchase of programmable EPSON oscillators


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Ecommerce, dynamic product configurator


PHP, Sulu, Twig, JavaScript, HTML5, SCSS

Start of implementation



Store but not so ordinary

Do you know what oscillators are?

No? It's okay.

Simply put, oscillators are used to generate oscillations at a specific frequency and that frequency is predetermined for the system, what if you need to oscillate at a frequency that is not normally available?

This is where Microdis comes to the rescue, offering programmable and pre-programmed EPSON integrated circuits to generate vibrations at the frequency you want. But how to efficiently accept orders for products that may appear in different housings, have different supply voltages, temperature range, tolerance and are additionally programmed according to customer requirements?

This was the reason why Microdis decided to develop an e-commerce system with a product configurator and order code generator that allows you to encode the full product specification in one string and decode the product parameters based on the code after accepting the order. Brilliant in its simplicity.

Where are the products?

So let's start with the basic element that goes beyond the standard framework of the e-commerce system. We do not have a classic product catalog here, but a configurator that guides us step by step through the stages of determining the parameters of our oscillator. Let's not go into what we need this oscillator for, we just need it :)

The configuration begins with the selection of product group, going through the type of housing and ending with the parameters. Each individual choice may affect the next available options, only completing all the necessary parameters will allow us to obtain the expected product code and add it to the basket. Everything is packed in an aesthetic appearance and accessible from mobile devices.


Unlimited access

It is worth noting that the system is designed to serve customers from all over the world, has a price list system taking into account the quantitative spreads and allows you to place orders without the need to register an account by the user. The clear interface of the basket means that the user is not overwhelmed by the amount of data and has dynamic conversion of prices and VAT rates depending on the selected country and number of items.

Accepting orders is not everything, a simple CMS mechanism allows you to publish articles and spread technical knowledge on the Internet, while building your image.

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