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Vue, PHP, Symfony, ElasticSearch, HTML5, CSS3, ServiceWorkers, JSON-LD

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Custom made powerful ecommerce system

Merida Sp. z o.o. once again trusted us and commissioned the creation of a new version of the online store. The previous store was also made by LSB, thanks to which we already had a lot of knowledge about our client's needs. Along with the development of sales through the Internet channel, there was a need to create a store ideally suited to the needs of our client. 

The e-commerce system that we have implemented combines the features of both B2C and B2B. Processes have been implemented, thanks to which the sales mechanism is available for both individual and commercial customers without registration. Our system detects such situations and suggests the client's profile accordingly, based on various parameters. In this case, after logging in, the customer sees all orders, regardless of how they were placed.

B2B, B2I

Thanks to far-reaching integration with our second OFSY2 system, it allowed to use the advantages of both systems to the maximum. As a result, the B2B customer, while logged in, sees his individual promotional product prices.

An institutional client is also important for Merida, which is why our e-commerce is also adapted to such a client. B2I customers can order in a form typical for an institution, i.e. with a deferred payment date. As a result, it can be observed that B2I customers willingly use this form of ordering


Regardless of the functional features of the Merida online store, SEO optimization was an important issue. Thanks to the implementation of tagging using the JSON-LD structure, we were supported by the latest standards. We know how important positioning is nowadays, so we tried to create an online store in line with the latest standards. Another important feature for the customer was the implementation of integration with Google Merchant Center, thanks to which product parameters are updated on an ongoing basis along with prices and information about promotions.


There are over 5,000 products in the store, and due to the variety of products on offer, finding the right one could be difficult. Therefore, as part of the e-commerce system, we have implemented a product search engine supported by the Elasticsearch search engine. By performing advanced calculations, according to the algorithm indicated by us, it is possible to search for a product based on any phrase or even a sentence, similar to popular search engines.

Pandemic resistant

The design of the online store from the very beginning was created to be as flexible as possible. By creating a store with Vue.js and using REST API to provide dynamic data, it is possible to scale the store and dynamically adapt to the sudden increase in the number of users. We used cache and CDN, which allows us to serve a large number of users without affecting the performance and comfort of users. During the coronavirus pandemic, these mechanisms were tested by users.

As you can see, the e-commerce system implemented by LSB is a technologically advanced and functionally professional tool for online sales.

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