B2B E-commerce system. Landing pages for promotional campaigns


Monacor Polska


B2B & ERP integration


PHP, Symfony, Twig, jQuery, Postgres

Year of implementation




As the company grew, there was a need to prepare a new website with a B2B sales mechanism (for business customers), and we took part in these preparations and project implementation. The basis was to be a simple, aesthetic appearance, access from mobile devices and compliance with current trends in the field of internet technologies.

First of all, the term preparation of a new website is quite a simplification, we can say that it is a full-fledged e-commerce system limited only to B2B customers along with the company's information and contact pages.

Product catalog & dedicated data import mechanism

So let's go a little deeper into the details. The product catalog is the pillar of the whole system, a simple matter but let's not forget that the catalog is synchronized with external data sources of the Monacor group. Therefore a dedicated data import mechanism was prepared, which accepts large files and supports various language versions. We process the received data not only for the purposes of the product catalog, but we also provide data resources in the form of XML feed for Monacor Polska partners, which allow them to be integrated with the product catalog.

Mechanism of price lists

Noteworthy is also an extensive mechanism of price lists, which provides data synchronization as well as allows the company to react quickly to the market situation.


Every user visiting the website, regardless of whether he is a business partner or just an end customer who is looking for a suitable product, has access to a full product catalog, which, in addition to photos, descriptions and parameters, also includes user manuals, product cards or even software. Navigating the catalog is facilitated by the category tree and the search engine based on ElasticSearch. Whoever uses the opportunities offered by ElasticSearch will always use it in the future.

Retail customers

Since we mentioned the sales platform, maybe we will try to write something about it briefly. The platform is dedicated to Monacor's B2B contractors who run a business.

Okay, but what about retail customers who came to in search of their dream equipment? Nothing is lost, to the rescue comes the "Buy Now" mechanism and partner retail stores. One click and you are already in one of the several partner stores that will be happy to offer you the product at the exact price you see in the catalog.


As a B2B partner, you get your own sales manager and you can make purchases yourself in a similar way as in an online store. A significant facilitation when placing orders is the information about the waiting time for the product and the possibility of choosing the packaging option for the order. You can wait for all products to be available or choose to ship products available immediately and wait for the next package with the remaining products. Product availability is updated on a regular basis, and non-volatile baskets (available from various devices) automatically select the most optimal way of delivering products. However, the final choice of delivery method is yours. Online payments and many delivery places are just an addition to the whole. Viewing invoices and the status of order fulfillment (even those placed by phone) won't be a problem anymore.


The system also provides two-way integration with the ERP system, to which we are able to provide data about orders, payments, the method of dividing packages, collect accounting data and the status of orders.

Landing Pages

An additional advantage of the system is the support of the sales department through the Landing pages mechanism, which allows you to easily prepare subpages presenting selected products at suitable prices.

Thanks to the active attitude of the client, we were able to better define the details of the functionality of the entire system at every stage of the implementation of individual tasks.

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