Opony Express tire store & booking system for tire replacement visits directly from the shopping cart




e-commerce, B2C


PHP, Symfony, Twig, jQuery, SOAP

Start of implementation



It's time for new tires!

A wide and non-standard range of tires  for everyday and professional use is the perfect place for a dedicated web application. The specificity of the project for a large tire service network required our team to work closely with the customer. Over time, we understood that this "piece of rubber" on the wheels of our cars is the effort of many years of work of chemists, physicists and engineers. 

The result of our cooperation is a dedicated eCommerce platform that facilitates the selection and purchase of appropriate tires for selected applications along with service appointments booking.


In the process of designing and creating applications, we encountered many challenges related to the specificity of our client's industry, including the complexity of products parameters, advanced search engine for different types of tires, ERP integration with stocks syncing, dynamic price lists for customers, and scheduling service appointments during order placement process.

Advanced earch engine & visit booking system straight from the shopping cart

The heart of the application is an advanced search engine that differs depending on the purpose of the tires. Individual customers will appreciate the mechanism of selecting tires for a specific car model.

An interesting feature is the visit booking system straight from the shopping cart. For the convenience of users, the entire process is simplified as much as possible. Just a few clicks!

We believe that the work put into project development has contributed to achieving our client's goals.

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