SOS 3 - Comprehensive software supporting companies in sales

The SOS Sales Service System is a unique, comprehensive software supporting companies in sales. The industry in which distribution and brokerage works best.

The system successfully works in dozens of companies distributing electronic components and sound systems in many European countries.

SOS consists of several related modules:

  • Customers (CRM, inquiries, offers, orders, invoicing, financial controlling)
  • Suppliers (inquiries, orders, deliveries)
  • Warehouse (warehouse management, assembly and production)
  • Reports (hundreds of predefined reports, we additionally provide our independent BI system - SOSDashboard)
  • Auxiliary applications (EDI, exchange rates and raw materials, INTRASTAT, machines updating data from suppliers, control mechanisms, service machines, supporting mailings - sending information about the change of order status, sending sales invoices, reminders and reminders regarding payments, integration with local financial and accounting systems , etc ...)

Integration with suppliers is a very strong point of SOS. In the initial phase of the system operation, it was based on the mechanisms of sharing data provided in files (data about products, their prices and suppliers' inventory are automatically imported into appropriate tables in the system, and then used in the process of handling inquiries, offering and ordering). Currently, however, we most often implement online integration through APIs provided by contractors directly to their systems (most often in REST technology).

Additionally, the possibility of automatic ordering of products using standard or dedicated EDI mechanisms (X12, XML, EDIFACT, etc ...) is becoming more and more frequent.

The system is multilingual and multi-currency - both in the context of the user interface and communication with contractors. This allows for comfortable work in an international environment.

SOS meets the working conditions in all European countries, is constantly developed in terms of functionality and fiscal requirements. For example, for the Hungarian market, where there is an obligation to immediately register issued invoices, it was expanded with an online communication module with the Tax Office systems.

The system allows for dynamic control of margin maintenance - from warning to blockade or forcing the maintenance of appropriate parameters. Automated financial controlling also allows for escalating restrictions for customers with weakening payment morality.

The ease of going through the next stages of contact with the customer (from an inquiry to an invoice), joint work of various departments on the same data from different perspectives, integration with B2B e-commerce or automatic notifications sent to customers make SOS allow for perfect customer service and cooperation with suppliers. It gives a huge impact on gaining an advantage in the difficult distribution and brokerage market of many industries.

Many of the functionalities of the SOS system are the effect of synergy, cooperation and implementation of our clients' ideas. The system is available in the SaaS model, it is constantly developed, and customers always have access to the latest version. SOS works as an application in the client's local network or in the cloud, on virtual servers. The system is highly scalable, and depending on the needs and resources, it efficiently supports companies of several or several dozen people. It is also prepared to work in a cascade of several SOS, when the organization is geographically dispersed into specialized companies (e.g. a purchasing hub for several sales companies located in different countries).

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