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The company's success is mainly determined by customer relations, being one of the most important resources of the organization. In order to efficiently manage them, a simple spreadsheet is not enough. Along with the development of the company, the needs related to the flow of information, quick access to collected data, analysis of indicators and planning grow. These needs are met by specialized IT systems that allow for the aggregation of data about customers and business connections, their analysis, process automation and generation of statistics. Welcome to the world of CRM systems.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software is a set of tools allowing for efficient management of all data related to the company’s clients. Registers, contacts, calendars, orders, invoices, offers, planned investments or notifications are just some of the functionalities of a modern CRM system. The software provides quick access to key information and allows for detailed data analysis, generation of balance sheets, reports and sending reminders and much more. It plays an important communication, operational and analytical role. It also offers data exchange with other enterprise systems, eg ERP or e-commerce. Therefore, CRM systems fully relate to the definition of software in the service of business.

Examples of CRM systems applications:

  • recording the sale of goods in the form of an order
  • linking a payment or generating a reminder
  • automatic correction of stock levels
  • automatic updating of indicators relating to the customer and the vendor / branch
  • generating weekly / monthly / annual reports

Benefits of using CRM systems:

  • better customer service, increased customer satisfaction
  • easier contact with the client through various communication channels
  • quick access to key information helping to make important decisions
  • customer profiling, needs planning and more effective marketing
  • increased sales and revenue
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Our CRM philosophy

We specialize in delivering a tailor-made product. We use the latest but already proven technologies, providing support for various devices and the comfort of using the application. Based on years of experience, we have developed a model that meets the high requirements of our customers, flexibility and scalability of projects and a high level of security.


The main assumption of the CRM systems we build is the separation and division of responsibilities. Each project consists of at least two applications. The so-called backend application, running in the server environment, is responsible for the system logic, data delivery, performance of complex operations, communication with the database, etc. Its inseparable element is the API used for communication with client applications. These, in turn, can be many, e.g. a web application, a mobile application. The core of the solution is the division of responsibilities of the above-mentioned programs, which brings many benefits, both in terms of maintenance and use. Separate teams of programmers and designers work on dedicated applications, which allows for specialization in a given technology.


Our systems are modular, thanks to which we are able to provide the basic CRM functionality relatively quickly, and then enrich the system with additional elements in accordance with the specificity of a given enterprise. The basic modules are independently developed and are the subject to periodic revision. When updating, the target application downloads the latest stable versions of the modules specified in the project. In this way, we improve the quality of the delivered product over time and minimize the risk of errors.


The processes in the application are organized logically in the so-called workflow, thanks to which often complex operations are easier to control and do not violate data integrity. Thanks to the use of this approach, it is also possible to implement new paths, characteristic for a specific company. An example of a workflow are changes in the order status, its relation to the object state, the status of dependent objects such as payments, delivery conditions etc. Workflow controls the state of the object and allows for the operations that can be performed on it. An example of an operation that requires an appropriate permit is sending an order to the ERP system.


We use advanced user authorization mechanisms, in line with the principle of minimum privilege, ensuring the security of access to sensitive information. Data exchange between dependent applications is always done through encrypted channels. Depending on the design, we implement additional protection mechanisms such as whitelists, SMS notifications, lists of authorized devices etc. Each of our applications has a built-in error and exception catching and logging system. Thanks to this, we know about the unforeseen situation at the moment of its occurrence, which significantly shortens the reaction time and the implementation of the fix.

Software as a Service

Customers often decide to implement software in the SaaS model, i.e. a purchased service completely maintained by the application provider. Thanks to this, they do not have to worry about resources, application updates or infrastructure management. They also do not incur costs related to additional computer equipment and its regular updating.

A definite advantage is also the access to the application from any device and place on earth. The only requirement is an internet connection. A properly implemented SaaS model also offers high security for customer’s data.

Does my company need a CRM system?

If your company has many customers, an extensive network of contacts and is interested in improving the customer relationship management process, learning about important business indicators, which will translate into better financial results, there can be only one answer. 

CRM software provides invaluable functionality in the enterprise environment, allows for the analysis of key data to make correct decisions, supports marketing and resource planning, and is easy to integrate with other systems. 

You are not going to regret it!

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