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Why is it so necessary to have a website?

Company website is your business card, a place on the web and a window on the world through which customers are interested in your look of services and evaluate the credibility. Well-made company website is the basis for promotion on the Internet. It is the cornerstone of business reputation. Properly and professionally done business card on the web is a guarantee that professionals care about the business and it is worth trusting them. A business website first of all should be treated as an important investment. Making it will pay off in the future with an increased amount of orders or sales. If you want to increase the value of your company, you should decide to trust the professionals who will guide you through the process of creating your own modern place on the Internet. 

To stand out it is not enough to create a website based on a template that will duplicate a commonly known pattern. It is not enough to create a website based on a template that will be just another copy of the same design, which will not encourage anyone to delve deeper and learn more about your company. Remember, only a limited number of potential customers will be able to see your products, headquarters or projects. The website, and with it your services or products can be seen by anyone, at any age, in any corner of the world. So all you need is to give such an opportunity.

Individual design is significant

Eyesight is a sense that plays a particularly important role when it comes to the internet. There is a reason why it is said that products are bought with the eyes. This is how the human body works, people like to make contact with people who look more attractive. A neat and attractive outfit encourages trust and the development of business cooperation. It works the same way on the Internet. Appearance, aesthetics, harmony, and elegance affect how a user perceives not only your website, but also your business. It has been proven that the first 15 seconds of a user's presence on a website determines whether they will stay there. The user has to be convinced that he can bet just for you, and you can make this decision easier for him by choosing the right people to create a website that will make it possible.

In order for a company to exist on the web, its business card must stand out from others. Therefore, in our work, we systematically try to learn about the needs of the industry, its specificity and in the right direction to pave the way to create a graphic design. We do not take the easy way out, we do not use ready solutions, widely available templates or projects. We listen to your voice, we try to use your ideas adding to it our own experience and proposing solutions that have already proven to work. The best proof of our unconventional approach to website design is the example of our implementation for the construction industry company Bickhardt-Bau Polska. Unconventional menu layout, a large number of photos, which in a unique way showed the industry and the past achievements of the client. At the same time a lot of content was made more attractive by modern design. All of this makes even an uninterested user eager to look into the meanders of previous realizations. We are sure that we can show your company in an equally good way.

Choosing our offer you can be assured that the second project will not be found on the website of the competition. Individuality of the project will shine against the background of subsequent copies of the same template.

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RWD, or a guarantee of ubiquitous accessibility

According to the Digital 2020 report published by WeAreSocial in cooperation with Hootsuite, the share of mobile devices in web traffic in Poland has long since surpassed that generated by laptops and desktops. With the growing sophistication of cell phones, increasing resolution and screen size, we have become accustomed to the fact that the primary way to browse the web is through a mobile device. It is therefore important that users accessing your website via a mobile device feel the same browsing experience. As if they were doing it on any other device with a much bigger screen, including huge monitors. It is also an irrefutable fact here that google, which largely accounts for web traffic has put mobile devices first by publishing the mobile-first-indexing paradigm.

RWD, or Responsive Web Design, comes to the rescue. It is an approach to creating websites, which assumes that all elements automatically adjust to the dimensions of the screen on which the page is displayed. In currently created websites it is absolutely necessary and required to be well visible and widely available for all users.

With help and against this assumption comes RWD, or Responsive Web Design. It is an approach to creating websites, which assumes that all elements automatically adjust to the dimensions of the screen on which the page is displayed. In currently created websites it is absolutely necessary and required to be well visible and widely available for all web visitors.

There are many requirements which assume that the website will work correctly on small devices. Here we mean the size of buttons, loading speed, size of graphics. We have experience in meeting these requirements. We will do our best to make your website display correctly and attractively on all types of devices. An additional benefit of using the technologies we work with every day will be to make your business card work like an app on mobile devices. You will be able to install and place a shortcut to it on the desktop. Take advantage of the opportunities!

How do we work?

When creating company websites we use the most modern technologies currently available. Just to name a few, we use Vue.js, Javascript, SCSS (CSS3), HTML5, PWA (Progressive Web Application). We make sure that the website scores very well in all audits concerning the correctness of its creation and adaptation for SEO promotion. Perhaps the previously mentioned abbreviations and names do not mean much to you, but do not worry. With us you will go through the process of creation in a smooth way and you will be satisfied. We will answer any questions you may have about the tools and methods we use. Read the following points and find out how the website building process will look like.

  • To create the perfect website we need to know your expectations, ideas and needs. In a few simple questions we will try to determine your needs, taste and vision of the new project. We will find out what scope of work you expect from us, what should be on the page, what kind of information you need to emphasize. What is important for your potential customers, what you want to show off, what will attract new visitors.
  • As soon as we get some basic information about your requests, we will be able to start creative work. Based on the information provided and our own experience, our graphic designer and the support of our team will prepare a preliminary design of the website, which we will leave for your approval. This is the best moment to tell us what you would like to change, what you don't like, and what you think is well-designed.
  • The moment you accept the project we start coding it, that is transferring the project into the code that will allow you to show the world your website. Depending on the complexity of the project and your requirements, the execution time can vary greatly. We approach our tasks very meticulously and we want the customer using our services to be always satisfied. This is the stage when we adjust the website to any type of device, prepare it for a good result in audits and make the website perfect for its promotion in search engines.
  • After the coding process is complete, we place the website in your infrastructure. You don't have to worry about anything, we will make sure that the website is displayed properly, all domains are connected correctly and the website works without any errors.

The above steps will give you clarity in dealing with us. They will make sure that at any point during the creation of the website you will know where we are and how far we are from completing the whole process. We will do our best to make all the points run smoothly and as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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Your participation is crucial.

The launch of a website is just the beginning. The basis of success is to get it noticed by others. This will not succeed without your significant participation. Nowadays what matters for the search engine and users is the variability of the content, the possibility to find something new on the website. Therefore, it will be up to you or the hired SEO marketing agency to complete and update the content on the website. Advertising and positioning are factors that have a significant impact on how your website will be perceived and whether it will be found by potential customers at all. Remember that we make sure that your website is adapted to the search, so that it displays correctly and looks very attractive for potential visitors. We make the user satisfied and interested, and the content will be displayed without any problems. However, you have to take care of it so that it appears.

When creating content on the website you have to put yourself in the shoes of the user who will potentially visit your site. Think about what the client may expect from you, what he would like to find out before making a concrete, personal contact. The offer presented on the website should give him the answer and clarity that it is your services he will choose. Try to show a full cross-section of your services, the history of your company, the projects or implementations carried out so far. Remember to update the content. Your website has to live, creating it is just the first step. We will help you take it.

Rely on us

The process of creating a website is a work that requires the participation of both parties. We translate ideas and needs into graphics and code, which we will specify after contacting you. We specialize in a wide range of web applications, as evidenced by the portfolio full of various solutions. At the same time we are a tightly knit team, which has a passion for creating perfectly tailored projects for our clients, but also for other areas of life. We are convinced that during the creation of a new product we will inspire you with our positive atmosphere, and the solutions we choose will completely satisfy you. If you are interested in professional solutions, great-looking pages and zero problems, rely on us.

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