Offer systems - standardization of contact with customers

Every developing business at some point is faced with the problem of the multiplication of duties and tasks to be performed. There is a natural need to automate and facilitate everyday work, especially contact with the customer, who is, after all, a key element of any activity. Dedicated tools that automate work and extremely accelerate the creation of commercial offers come to the rescue. Such offer systems make it easier for employees and also for the client - he receives an offer faster and it is much better suited to his needs.

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Offer systems - how does it work?

Offer systems can be an integral or separate part of the CRM platform. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and that is exactly what its job is. It is a tool / platform that significantly facilitates the creation and management of commercial offers. Its main task is to improve the process of contact with customers, and therefore the most important element of the activities of any company offering services or products. The customer is the most important here, and thus - it becomes extremely important to create a contact database and analyze statistics.

The implementation of the offer system is often the first stage of work automation in the enterprise. Such a system can be a separate tool that will support the sales department. It is also possible to integrate with an ERP system. Our experience shows that the introduction of the offer system significantly improves the quality of prepared commercial offers and streamlines work.

A commercial offer ideally suited to the customer - it can be simple!

The plain spreadsheet and project templates may do the job early on, but the need for a more advanced tool quickly arises. Along with the growing interest in services, the entrepreneur wants to facilitate and speed up the process of creating dedicated offers. The company is gaining experience and a greater number of clients. The number of traders responsible for preparing offers is also growing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a tool that will - firstly - be helpful in checking the history of contact with the customer, and secondly, it will facilitate the preparation of professional commercial offers that will be consistent with the company's image. 

The big advantage of using the offer system is the facilitation of team work. Salespeople have access to data about customers and their orders. They can check history quickly. The problem of searching for necessary documents or information disappears. Viewing e-mails from a few months ago or a specific file among hundreds of others? There are no such problems with the offer system. 

Another, really significant advantage of having an offer system is the ability to quickly obtain information needed to create a dedicated offer. Such a platform has built-in electronic product catalogs and price lists. Using them, traders can quickly prepare a detailed offer, without wasting time "manual" browsing through all this data.

The offer system is a way to improve the quality of services, shorten the time needed to create commercial offers, and thus increase sales. It is worth implementing this solution as soon as possible.
A commercial offer ideally suited to the customer - it can be simple!

Professional trade offer in a short time - Wizard

The wizard is a tool that is part of the offer system. Traders use it to quickly create professional, dedicated offers. Such a wizard works intuitively, it is easy to use - no knowledge of using advanced tools is needed. It has predefined layouts, in other words diagrams, that allow you to build an offer step by step. By selecting such ready-made components, you can create offers tailored to a specific customer. For example, a person using the services for the first time will receive an offer with an introduction to the company and its history. The regular customer no longer needs this information, but you can personalize the commercial offer for him by adding a discount offer.

Convenience and speed are the undeniable advantages of using the Wizard. An additional advantage is the creation of visually consistent offers by all employees. They use the same components / views. Thanks to this, each commercial offer is perfect in terms of quality, regardless of the person who prepared it.

Offer system - keep an eye on everything that is happening in the company

The system not only helps in preparing commercial offers, but also in managing them. Offers prepared by employees are available on the platform. You can conveniently view them and then accept or reject them. After approval, it can be sent to the customer immediately.

Such an offer is fully adapted to be viewed on computers or smartphones. The PDF format allows you to print it quickly. The entire procedure not only becomes quick, but also much more convenient. On the other hand, the client feels that the company is modern and professional, which means that the chance that they will choose your services increases significantly.

Integration with ERP system - are you already using company management software? Integrate it with the offer system

Large enterprises use ERP systems, which are used for the overall management of the company, including for planning activities, recording the history of activities, accounting services, warehouse management. This does not preclude the introduction of an offer system. Integration with the ERP system is possible. Ultimately, you have full control over the activities of your company, including contact with customers. The implemented offer system is individually tailored to the possibilities and needs of the client. Integration with the ERP system gives, for example, the ability to automatically convert an offer to an order when it is accepted by the customer. 

The possibilities of adapting the offer system to the existing platform are really big. However, nothing prevents introducing the system as a separate tool. This is often very helpful in the initial activities of the enterprise. When the company gains wind by increasing sales, it expands the infrastructure with new, more advanced tools that facilitate everyday work and enable further development of the business.

Integration with ERP system - are you already using company management software? Integrate it with the offer system

Contact with the customer using the offer system - how does it work?

How does it work in practice? It's really that simple! An employee checks the history of contact with the customer in the available database. In this way, in just a moment, he learns what the offer should look like and what should be included in it. Using the Wizard, he builds an offer step by step by adding new components. Then it is checked by the person responsible for it. You can accept it or reject it. After approval, the dedicated offer is automatically sent to the customer. Now imagine what it would look like with a traditional job! It would take much longer, wouldn't it?

This is an example of a frequently chosen model of operation of the bidding system. It is worth remembering that an individually prepared platform is adapted to the requirements of our client. We have a lot of experience in this area. The functionality of the offer system depends on your needs - by choosing the system we create, you will adjust it to your vision, choosing what functions will be available. On our part, you can count on full support and advice.

In summary, here are the benefits of introducing the offer system:

  • Contact with the customer is comfortable for both parties - customer satisfaction increases and the work of salespeople becomes more effective.
  • Easier and more convenient control of created offers - you view, accept and reject commercial offers before sending them to the customer.
  • Database of contacts in one place - employees quickly check the history of cooperation with specific clients and match the best solutions.
  • Tools facilitate work - a convenient Wizard allows you to quickly create professional commercial offers tailored to a specific customer.
  • You avoid stressful situations - documents and contacts are stored in one place, available to all employees.
Contact with the customer using the offer system - how does it work?

Offer system for your company - how we can help

Do you want to introduce a modern platform for managing your company? We have experience in creating offer systems tailored to the needs of the company. We do not use ready-made solutions! We create platforms that respond to specific needs. You get the tools you want to use, and to make it possible, we use the latest technologies - we create a reliable system that is fast and, importantly, easy to use. Find out more about systems for companies on the website CRM platforms. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the best solution for your business.

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