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What is the difference between a dedicated online store and ready-made e-commerce platforms?

What to choose when choosing an online store for your company. We explain when and why it is worth investing in a dedicated, tailor-made online store.

What instead of Excel? Replace it with the app!

Excel is an outstanding tool in business, but there comes a time when such a solution is no longer enough. Then dedicated applications come to the rescue, which, while preserving the specificity and uniqueness of the company, eliminate the inconveniences and limitations of a spreadsheet.

Discord as a communication tool for DEV teams

Which communicator to choose for a company? See what we have chosen for our team and why.

A local GitLab installation as good alternative to GitHub?

Advantages and disadvantages of a local GitLab installation.

ORM system on the example of Doctrine2. Part 1 - Introduction

How to start using ORM with Doctrine 2

How not to buy a pig in a poke?

Steps to prepare dedicated software

Protection of sensitive data during serialization

Rest API protection against leakage of sensitive data. An example of using serialization groups in Symfony

Masking personal data in Symfony3 and Symfony4

Masking of personal data and sensitive data using annotations.

Oh my! How to repair damaged Adobe Xd file

You have been working on a UI project in Adobe Xd for a long time and once, for example, after an emergency shutdown of the computer, you cannot open the Xd file to continue working. Can anything be done?

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