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Data warehouse - what is it all about? Clear advantages

Faster data processing, access to aggregated and structured data, not overloading systems used in real time in the company - these are the basic advantages of a data warehouse. 

The history of data processing and exchange in the electronic components distribution industry

Reliable data in electronic components distribution industry is a key to success. Read how access to information about stocks and prices has been changing through last 30 years...

Product workshops – is it worth paying for?

In the article, we discuss a topic that can often surprise investors- why should they pay for workshops? We present the advantages and disadvantages of paid and free product workshops.

Product workshops - do you need them, when to start?

Technologies we use - PHP and Symfony

Is PHP in web applications still a good option? Which framework offers the most? Our programmers have no doubts.

Technologies we work in – js frameworks

What technology should our web application be written in? We hear Javascript a lot. 

What is the difference between a dedicated online store and ready-made e-commerce platforms?

What to choose when choosing an online store for your company. We explain when and why it is worth investing in a dedicated, tailor-made online store.

What instead of Excel? Replace it with the app!

Excel is an outstanding tool in business, but there comes a time when such a solution is no longer enough. Then dedicated applications come to the rescue, which, while preserving the specificity and uniqueness of the company, eliminate the inconveniences and limitations of a spreadsheet.

Discord as a communication tool for DEV teams

Which communicator to choose for a company? See what we have chosen for our team and why.

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