Product workshops - do you need them, when to start?

In our activities, we focus mainly on the implementation of dedicated software. Many years of experience in often unusual projects have allowed us to develop the right approach to such projects. Very often, we offer product workshops before preparing the project valuation - in our experience, this gives the greatest benefit.

Marek Ajdukiewicz Senior Frontend Developer

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What are product workshops?

Product workshops are nothing more than a series of several meetings, the number and intensity of which is adapted to the scale of the project. Sometimes 2-3h consultations are enough, e.g. for a simple website, and sometimes a series of 5 meetings of 4-5h each may turn out to be insufficient.

These meetings are attended by:

  • representatives from the Investor, e.g.:
    • managers, decision-makers
    • project manager,
    • selected employees involved in the project,
  • representatives from LSB DATA, e.g.:
    • dedicated project manager,
    • lead UI/UX designer,
    • lead developer,
    • system architect or designer,
  • (optional) additional external representatives from the Customer's side, e.g.:
    • ERP/CRM/EDI integrator, etc.,
    • SEO agency representation.
    • Other external advisor,

Depending on the needs, meetings are carried out online, directly, but also consultations in written form, e.g. via e-mail.

What is the purpose of product workshops?

The end result of such workshops is obtaining by LSB DATA the most accurate requirements and functional description of the designed system.

What is the purpose of product workshops?

This documentation prepared at the end of the workshop has the form of a document ready to be used at the next stage of the project - the IT system.

What can such a document contain? Depending on the project, it may be a more or less extensive text, but as a rule it will contain selected elements from the list below:

  • project description - e.g. a list of subpages with elements of each of them
  • user stories
  • description of the necessary integrations, e.g. with ERP, marketplaces,
  • designs of individual views/subpages and their logic in the form of wireframes,


Final document concluding the product workshop is prepared clearly enough to be easily used by the Investor, as well as by programmers already working on the project. It is often in use later, during the implementation phase. 

Do you need workshops before the project is priced or started?

It may seem obvious, but also our experience shows that when product workshops are carried out for the project at the valuation stage - then the project has a more accurately estimated scope of work, and the work on the project itself runs more smoothly.

In the case of product workshops, both parties receive benefits before the quote.

Do you need workshops before the project is priced or started?

At the end of the workshop, the investor receives:

  • broad and structured knowledge about the project - first documentation,
  • information about threats or defects in the project, and as a result, be able to carry out modifications or optimization of the project .
  • method of project implementation and optimally selected technologies
  • estimation of labor consumption and, as a result, an accurate valuation of the project.

In the case of LSB DATA - we receive document on the basis of which we can know the time necessary for implementation as accurately as possible, and estimate the workload of a given project. An important aspect will also be the possibility to improve the project by using our knowledge and experience.

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What are the product workshops at LSB DATA like?

As we mentioned earlier, it is a series of several meetings during which our employees get to know the needs related to a given project. The workshop can be divided into several stages.

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Step 1: Getting to know the project

We familiarize ourselves with basic information - e.g. the initial description provided before the workshop. LSB DATA prepares the first questions specifying how a given system should work.

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Stage 2: Main workshop

A series of working meetings where both parties discuss the project. As a result, additional, more detailed documentation is prepared.

It mainly contains questions and answers. Based on this information, the description of the system is refined. It may also contain more complex elements, such as a list of views to be designed, selected wireframes (usually describing the most important and most complicated parts of the system).

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Step 3: Summary

Finally, after the completion of stage 2, the final documentation is prepared in the form of written documents as well as visualizations.


The next step is the Investor's decision regarding the valuation of a given application, a possible decision, and then the implementation of the project.

Product workshops with or without the client?

The question may turn out to be irrational, but sometimes customers who have already full design documentation expect just a quote. Sometimes it is possible to prepare a quote, but without getting to know the client's vision, there is a risk of incorrect assumptions or understanding of the project.

Despite our experience, as well as our willingness - it is impossible to make workshops without the participation of the client. For most of the workshop, the active participation of people representing the client and responsible for the project is essential.

It should be noted, however, that not all stages of the workshop take place all the time with the active participation of the client. Some stages, such as preparation of a preliminary outline of technology, programming languages, assumed architecture - do not require the participation of the client. Depending on the needs of a given project, such workshops are also carried out internally.

Internal workshops are designed to match the technology to the project's business needs.

Project valuation and product workshops.

The process of creating project documentation described above is considered crucial for obtaining the correct project valuation.

Today's applications are increasingly complex or dependent on another complex system. As a result, it is not possible to prepare an accurate valuation of the project without getting acquainted with well-prepared documentation.

The added value of this documentation is the fact that both parties can refer to it as a component of the Agreement for the implementation of an IT project. It often happens (luckily for us very rarely :) ) that without such documentation there are discrepancies in understanding the needs and expectations of a given project. They are also a safeguard against deviating from clearly defined goals. There is also room for a vision for the further development of the project.

I already have a project, do I need more workshops?

We have encountered several types of inquiries. Therefore, it is worth assessing at what stage you are at the moment.

  • If you are just starting to think about the project or you have a preliminary description of how the project should be implemented - then yes, product workshops are for you.
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  • Do you have a description or documentation of the project, user stories but you are not sure about it, would you like to consult it?
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